Sheena Villa Scholarship Fund

In Loving Memory of Miss Sheena Villa
3/23/81 – 3/24/06

Miss Sheena represented everything that makes us passionate about dance. She shared her passion with Expression of Dance and its students for 6 years and in that time she shared so much of her herself and her talent with us. Celebrate Miss Sheena through our words and photos so we can always remember how much she touched our lives, in dance and beyond.

 The Sheena Villa Scholarship Fund

All EOD students in grades 9-12 are eligible to apply for the Sheena Villa Scholarship. We encourage students to participate by submitting a written essay of “Why dance is your passion”, along with a short video of you dancing. The SVSF committee chooses the application(s) and a scholarship check will be given (amount TBD) to the student(s) to put towards their dance/acro/twirling education at Expression of Dance, or for the Senior student(s), it will go towards your college expenses. Any student who receives the scholarship will be recognized at the Sunday matinee recital, prior to the beginning of the recital show. If a student has applied in a previous year, but did not receive the scholarship, he/she is still eligible to apply the next year.

To contribute to the scholarship fund:  All are welcome to attend our annual Spaghetti Dinner for Sheena in March or donations can be made payable to The Sheena Villa Scholarship Fund.

Your donation can be made:

  • Via PayPal:
  • Submitted to the studio office
  • Mailed to: Expression of Dance, c/o Sheena Villa Scholarship Fund, 630 Municipal Drive, Suite 310, Nazareth, PA 18064
Sheena Scholarship 2020 Extended jpeg

CLICK HERE ~ Sheena Villa Scholarship Fund Application 2020

Sheena Villa Scholarship RecipientsSheena Villa Scholarship Recipients:

Sofia Cuevas
Madeline Gonzalez
Samantha Major

Amanda Carvalhoso 
Annalise Hahn
Jordan Judd
Sierra Irving
Lindsey Swanson
Trevor Yost
Kayla Zigmont

Arianna Bealer
Courtney Corona
Leigha Evans
Lexie King
Madison Weinstein
Alyssa Zale

Sarah Schisler

Alexis Meixsell
Lydia Marano
Kelsey Anderson

Brittany Carvalhoso
Aliyah Gomez
Nikki Homanick
Alyssa Sedler

Lauren Holub
Sara Lechner
Laura Metz
Ashley Moore
Natalie Sasso

Haley Allem
Jordan Haas
Katie Hullihen
Madison Mohn
Kylie Stoneback
Allison Strohm
Tara Wood

Kelly Angelucci
Chantelle Danchak
Johanna Marano
Lacey Moyer
Chelsea Ritter
Kaley Russin
Emily Walsh

Alyssa Kresge
Noel Mangino
Alex Robibero
Amber Zigmont

Adrianna Amodei
Abby Guman
Marissa Kvacky
Sammi Pfeiffer
Tara McGuire
Taylor Rizzolino

Lauren Calandra
Nikki Eustice
Kaitlyn Knecht
Julie Rehrig
Stephanie Uliana

Meagan Jansack
Alyssa Kunkle
Dana Palermo
Katie Winegar

Justine Adams
Lauren Poplawski
Brittany Ritter

Katie Balog
Cassie Emmons
Veronica Keselica
Kayleigh Kunkle
Christina Smolick

Alissa Hrichak