The recital is our year-end performance where our students get to perform choreographed routines for friends and family. The Recital is a professionally directed performance that allows our EOD students to present to their families and friends the results of a year of hard work, dedication and progress. It’s a celebration and a performance opportunity that each and every student looks forward to. A big part of the dance training process includes learning through performance. The experience helps build self- esteem and confidence in dancers. Participating in recitals and dress rehearsals also helps dancers develop retention skills, teamwork, and adaptability.

Our annual recital is a 2 day performance held at Nazareth High School in May. Students perform in both shows! (Tentative dates, May 18 & 19, 2024).

In order to participate in the recital, we ask all students to attend class weekly, wear the appropriate costume (including hair, make-up, tights and the required dance/acro shoes) and purchase a required amount of recital tickets.

If your child does not wish to perform in the recital, a written statement needed to be handed into the office by the end of November, otherwise a costume was ordered for your child.

All students must attend their scheduled dress rehearsal at the studio and the recital show.



Dress Rehearsals will be held at the studio in full costume, hair & make up.

Each Class is scheduled for a slot to rehearse their recital routine.

Every student participating in the recital is to attend their scheduled Dress Rehearsal.

Dress Rehearsal will be held in May at the studio.


We will be choosing costumes from the most reputable companies with the best merchandise, customer service and on time delivery. In addition, our staff will select costumes that are age appropriate for all dancers in each class, and fit with our choreography. Although we do add several inches to allow for growth, every costume company has a different set of sizing guidelines, so your child may, for example, measure in a medium child size costume for one company but a large child size for another. Any alterations that need to be done to the costume will be at your expense. All costumes must be altered to the description given by the teacher, this is done at your expense. A studio seamstress is available for alterations. 

All costumes and accessories will be distributed well in advance of our dress rehearsals with complete information regarding the performance. 

Recital Costumes range between $75-$120 a piece. After the deposit is made and the costumes are ordered, an invoice will be emailed to you with the balance that is due (balance range between $20-$65). Please note that costumes companies DO NOT DO RETURNS, ONLY EXCHANGES IN SIZE. Therefore, once a costume is ordered, you are liable for the total cost (this includes if a student were to drop/leave a class).

Please note: Costume payments are non-refundable, even in the event that your child chooses not to participate in our performance after costume orders have been placed.