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Testimonials from Season 28 ~ HAPPY FEET Recital 2023
This was Eleanor’s first recital with you!! I am absolutely blown away by how amazing your staff and students are! The whole experience for Eleanor was wonderful and she wants to take 3 classes in the fall! The talent and passion that your performers exhibit is incredible. I am getting choked up just thinking about how superb the recital was this weekend! Congratulations on a fantastic season!  We couldn’t be more proud to be a part of your studio! ~ Sarah

I could not agree more… we are so thankful for our dance families..  it has taught our daughter so much.. We cannot wait to see her on stage again.. kudos to you and your staff! Best investment we ever made! Janet

I want to tell you that I absolutely loved the recital. This was my daughter(s) first year at EOD and I was really impressed with everyone over the past two days. I can’t imagine how much hard work went it to a show like that but from dance #1 through the end I was enamored with how well the students and teachers performed. Watching them the girls perform this weekend made me happy beyond words. I thought you should know that. Congratulations on a great recital. I have a small understanding of what goes into it so you should feel proud of everyone. Outside of my kids performances I absolutely loved the instructors number. It was fun to see those that teach, do. I know we are at the right studio for our girls to thrive as long as they want to. Get some rest. Well deserved ~ Andrew

Testimonials from Season 26 ~ Recital 2021

In spite of everything you had to deal with this year, I think this was one of the best recitals ever! It was like we were watching a professional performance, not just a recital. I hope you can now breathe a little easier and relax. We really appreciate how you made this year work for everyone! Thank you for everything! Lisa 😘

I just want to thank you for yesterday. The hard work and dedication to the girls does not go unrecognized.  The recital, although different,  was a success. I told my daughter I thoroughly enjoyed the smaller sessions, the venue, just the entire experience. So hats off to you all. Best, Kalei

The last thing Caliana said to me as I was tucking her in last night was “I wish I had a time machine.” When I asked her why she said, “because I want to do today again.” She loves all of you and can’t wait to be back in the studio this summer. ~ Tina

I just wanted to say thank you SO much for putting on such a wonderful recital and for providing such an excellent overall dance experience for the girls throughout the year! My daughter, had such a positive experience today and at each of her dance classes this past year. It really means a lot knowing how invested you and the dance instructors are in each of the students, and how much you care about the dancers really reflected in today’s recital. Thank you so much again for a phenomenal year of dance, we hope to see you again next year!! 

Thank you so much for all that you have done this year for these girls.   We appreciate it so much. ~ Janet

Hello, The recital was a blast!! Thank you so much ~ Peyton

Thank you for a wonderful recital and dance year. I know it wasn’t easy and your hard work means a lot to us. ~ Jen

I just want to say this recital was awesome. I know I would have loved to see all the dances in person but I did watch them online. You made it a memorable season and I am looking forward to the next 3 that my daughter has left. BTW, both the senior dances made me cry ~ Dawn

Thank you for all you have done. The show was amazing!! Bethann

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EOD Testimonials Since We Opened Back Up July 2020

My daughter Sophie danced in person in the studio this summer and she had such a great time. As a parent knowing all the precautions that the teachers and helpers took to keep everyone safe and healthy made the decision easy to send my daughter into the studio for dance. Making sure the kids stay 6 feet apart and sanitizing hands going in and out was all comforting. We cannot wait for this upcoming season of dance. Thank you to Miss Tanya and all the teachers for everything you’ve been doing. We are looking forward to dancing this season in class! 
-Ashley (parent)

I can’t praise the EOD teachers and staff enough for a job well done. They handled the return of the summer dance season with such grace. Everything was well thought out and looking forward to upcoming dance season! Thanks to all! 
-Pasquarelli Family 

I wanted to take the time to say thank you for all you do at the dance studio. Covid has certainly changed a lot of things for our family but your dedication has not wavered and neither has Adelynn’s love of dance. I believe you and the other EOD staff have put in so much effort to assure the safety of our children while meeting their needs to just be kids! I can be very honest with you that my daughter hates her mask wearing days, however she doesn’t put up a fight knowing she is wearing it to dance. In my heart, I believe that is because of you! She comes out of class all smiles and looking forward to her next class. We can’t wait for fall sessions to be announced. Thank you again
-Denise (parent)

I have been sending my daughter to in-person dance classes at EOD during the 2020 summer session and am very grateful that she had this option available to her.  I appreciate the lengths that Miss Tanya, Miss Meghan and all the teachers have taken to assure the safety of their dancers.  I feel very confident that my daughter will continue to be safe at the studio and am very appreciative of the opportunity for the normalcy her classes have provided.  It’s also reassuring to know that the virtual classes are available, too, if we need them.

The first day I was back at the studio this summer I smiled more than I have since COVID first started.  I feel so safe at the studio because of all the cleaning my teachers are doing before every class.  The procedures they have in place are easy to remember and follow.  It’s a little different, but the feeling I get being in the studio with my friends and teachers at EOD makes it totally worth it!

Maddie was thrilled to be back in the studio dancing with her friends and teachers this summer! As a parent, I feel that Miss Tanya and her staff thought of everything, from A to Z, to make the studio as safe as possible during the pandemic. From wearing masks, to social distancing, to not taking belongings into the studio, everything went so smoothly. The smiling faces before and after class are priceless!!! -Annie (parent)

It was a highlight to the day, and my daughter looked so forward to coming each week. Overall I though the safety strategy was well thought out, and from what was viewable to the outside,-looked like every precaution was taken, with each every child.  I certainly felt safe sending her.  In addition, above all it was as refreshing for her to come live for class vs virtual.  She missed both the authenticity of being in a class type setting and the social aspect too.  I/we have absolutely NO concerns about coming back for the Fall season.
-Toni (parent)

I felt that the studio handled things extremely well. The girls wore masks and sanitized in and out of the building. I felt that the studio took every precaution necessary and feel confident sending Raina to the studio in the fall season. Thanks for all that you guys do to make our kids safe and happy!! -Jen (parent)

I am happy to go back to dance because I get to see all of my dance friends again and dance with them. I’m also happy to be back because I get to see all my teachers in person and not on zoom. I’m happy that we get to be back in the studio and learn combos that are not on zoom. I can’t wait to start learning our dances in the fall.

It was so great to have my daughter get back into the building to dance with her friends and her teachers at EOD. The organized process of entering and exiting the building was a relief and helped set my mind at ease with any concerns or worries I may have had. Once in the building my daughter told us how they were given a taped block to dance in, which provided a precise guideline to maintain social distancing. She felt safe and secure all while being able to incorporate some normalcy in her life. The amount of care and love for our children is shown by all EOD teachers and the administration. Thank you so much!
 (An EOD parent)

ALL GOOD! I would have to say more of a homecoming feeling than ever! 😊

•More EOD Testimonials•

My daughter has been a dance/gymnastics student at EOD for 8 years. She would not be able to do the things she does without the knowledge and experience of the EOD staff! The love and passion the staff has for what they do shines through in the students, their performances, and their achievements! They are more than a dance studio for us; they are extended family!
– Brandy

Just a quick message to thank you for everything! My daughter absolutely loves dancing and she really thrived this year on the competition team. Some of the other activities that she was involved in she was ok but just struggled to find her niche and confidence. She was this shy girl who cried and it was a struggle/fight to get her to dance. That is no longer the case! She’s an awesome dancer bringing great emotion and expression as she dances. It now brings me to tears watching her!!
So I just wanted to thank you because you’ve made such an amazing impact on Sydney! I can’t thank you enough. ~Kristine M

My daughter has been a student at EOD since 2001. The caliber of teaching and caring attitude of Tanya and her staff is second to none. No matter how far away we’ve moved, we’ve never considered going anywhere else. ~Cindy B.

I have been a dance mom for 18 years, all of them with Miss Tanya and her wonderful staff!! Both of my girls have grown up at this studio. They would choose to go no other place!! They have had the pleasure of being student assistants which has taught them dedication and hard work. Being here is like being a part of one giant family. Everyone works hard to put on an amazing recital….which by the way, gets better and better each year!! Our time is not over yet, I look forward to a few more years at Expression of Dance!!! Thanks to Miss Tanya and all of the staff and teachers…… Wendy F.

DANCE: Dedication, Attitude, Next Generation, Choreography, Excellence…That is what you should expect from EOD. Miss Tanya and her phenomenal staff do a stellar job! -Christy P.

Miss Tanya runs a very organized and professional dance studio. The entire staff is dedicated to helping each student perform at their personal best. My daughter has learned so much more than dance technique at EOD; she has gained confidence, learned what dedication means, and has made lifelong friends. Thank you so much for providing a positive place for my daughter to grow. -Ashley A.

I’m looking forward to my daughter dancing her 12th year at a studio that keeps the parents well informed, offers a variety of classes, makes competitions fun, and wraps it all up with a well organized recital. I love to watch her participate in something she enjoys and allows her to express a part of herself.  I thank you for being a big part of the young lady she is becoming. My deepest gratitude to you and your staff. -Joanne M.

LOVED the show this year! Thank you so much! The show gets better and better each year. The father/daughter dance takes the cake! Thank you for doing that! Memories to last a lifetime!  ~ Teresa N.

What an amazing show you all put on… I was amazed at how well the little kids did. I would like to point out the organization and the flow of the show was fantastic. Tanya you are a wonderful teacher; thank you,  and the daddy daughter routine was priceless ♥ ~ Christy P.

Thank-you Miss Tanya & all the dance teachers @ EOD for an awesome recital weekend & for inspiring my girls to be the best they can be! ~ Lori E.

Congratulations to EOD on another fantastic recital! You all do a wonderful job with the “kids”. I am happy to have been a part of this wonderful family! Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see next years recital.

Thank you, Tanya, for such a great recital. My family and I enjoy them so much and are so impressed with what Kyla learns each year:)  ~ Mari L.

Is very impressed and amazed at the great show the boys and girls put on at EOD!!! If you keep putting on these fantastic shows, you are going to need to book a larger venue!!! Way to go kids!!!!  ~ Marc S.

Looking forward to a fabulous recital. You & your staff do such a great job throughout the year. Thanks again for another great year!  ~ Lori H.

I enjoyed watching my daughter on stage! The teachers do an amazing job with the students.  I can’t wait until fall for another amazing year.  ~ DanaLee E.
“Thanks for a great recital weekend. All the shows were fabulous. Thanks to you and your staff for another great year!” ~ Lori H.

“Tanya – thank you for all you and your staff do to make these recitals wonderful for the students, parents and guests”. ~ Cindy J.

“The show was amazing! I am so proud of my kids (they truly enjoyed being on stage). Thank you for a wonderful year. Congratulations to your entire staff ” ♥ ~ Christine G.

“Let me say….awesome recital!  What a great show!  Thank you for creating and producing such a fun event for the girls.” ~ Margaret R.

What a wonderful and beautiful recital. Congrats to all of you!!!! ~ Brandy B.

“Once again, the recital was wonderful. Thank you for the constant effort and talent from you and your staff to deliver another fabulous show!”  ~ The Rizzolino Family

“We love it at EOD! I have to say, one thing that sticks out in my mind is how you know each and every dancer at your studio and how good you make all of us feel when you say “great job” as we leave the stage!”  ~ LuAnn N.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing Kristen & Dana with a wonderful, warm, caring environment all these years in which they could foster their creativity, learn the value of hard work, and make some wonderful friends. Thank you for being a very important part of our lives all these years. I wish you continued success!” ~ Elaine & Tony

“I really appreciate all the time and energy you and the rest of the teachers put into teaching my daughters. You’ve created a place where both girls love to go and learn. They enjoy being with their teammates and just hanging out at the studio when they have to wait for me. I couldn’t ask for more than that. So thank you very much and please know that you and your staff are appreciated.” ~ Sally

“I wanted to say how much we enjoyed being back at your studio. Kailey decided to try something else last year and I was glad when she decided to do dance again. You run a wonderful dance studio. Kailey had two of her friends come to watch her at her recital and both of their parents were very impressed and want to come to your studio this coming year. So you make quite an impression!” ~ The Moore Family

“You are a great inspiration to the girls and Noel has grown so much from your teaching. She started at 3 and is almost 13 and you and your teachers have been so wonderful. Thanks for all you do.” ~ The Mangino Family

“I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the recital. We moved here from Chicago and our daughter was so worried that she wouldn’t find a similiar dance studio. She has been very happy dancing at your studio.” ~ The Nicholson Family

I just wanted to say how wonderful the recital was this year. Every year I can’t think it could get any better and you prove me wrong! So thank you and all the teachers for enriching my daughter’s life!!”  ~ Amodei

“We had to let you know how great the recital was. Abby had such a great time and her class did a wonderful job both days! It is such a credit to you and your staff . The recital atmosphere was so relaxed and encouraging for the girls. Thank you for making it such a positive experience for them! Abby can’t wait to come back and do it all over again.”  ~ Gassler


“I did really appreciate all you did for my girls…teaching them, intervening for them, building their confidence. The recital was just wonderful! You most certainly know how to put on a great show! They really improved and they truly enjoyed themselves, so again I want to say thank you!”  ~ Giacoletti

“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the recital. It was phenomenal. Jessie has been coming to the school for the past three years now and it has gone from great to spectacular!”  ~ Erika

“I wanted you to know what a positive experience the first competition was for Meredith and me. Meredith was excited initially but started to feel quite nervous and intimidated right before going on. I was so impressed by all the support and encouragement you, Miss Tina and Miss Jenn gave to Meredith. After her first performance, all three of you came up to her at different times to see if she needed to run through her second solo since Miss Kaitlyn was not there. I am definitely proud of Meredith, but I am also grateful for all the excellent instruction and encouragement she receives from all the teachers. You have a well-run studio and I am glad we are part of it!”  ~ Georgine

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you and your entire staff for all of the exciting opportunities and challenges that you have provided for Abby. Between [the Pulse] workshop and the Rockette Experience (and endless other things), Abby couldn’t be more excited about dance. Thank you for all that you do to enrich her life! “It takes a village” and you are such an important part of ours! Thank you again!”
– Mary Ann G.

Thank you again for a fabulous recital! We were in and out for all four shows and we never got tired of watching the dances. We feel very fortunate to have our daughter dancing at your studio. You have a great business and your hard work truly shows. We look forward to many fun years ahead. Great job to you and your talented staff for the great choreography, costumes, music, etc….It was a wonderful weekend. Alyssa and I shed a few tears when it was all over!” ~ The Kresges


Congratulations to you and your entire staff for a thoroughly enjoyable recital! The last performance was as good as the first! Your professionalism is evident in the production. Thank you for an enjoyable weekend.  ~ Leslie

Congratulations on a great recital. My family and I really enjoyed it.

You did a wonderful job with the recital. It was a great job. I was only there Saturday, but [my wife] said ” the whole weekend ran very smooth”. You own and run a a very professional dance studio. Thanks for the nice event.  ~ Joel