In Loving Memory


Our Teacher. Our Friend.
3/23/81 – 3/24/06

Sheena was a talented and fun dance teacher who loved to dance and teach. Sheena touched so many lives through her passion of dance. The students loved Miss Sheena. We loved her choreography and loved to be around her and her endless smile. I am blessed to have worked with and known such a beautiful and talented teacher. She will be deeply missed!
Dancing is what she loved to do
Always smiling no matter what
Nice to all around her
Choreographer with no effort
Elegant to watch dance
Remaining in our hearts forever
Miss Tanya

This picture was taken last weekend at the competition. I went to see Miss Sheena because I haven’t seen her in awhile. I remember waking up feeling like it was Christmas (that’s how excited I was). I took my camera along with me but didn’t take any pictures. On my way out Mrs. Haas grabbed me, Sheena and Sam and was like “picture!” and Sam complained (as usual) and Sheena said “I look awful!!” I just laughed. Mrs. Haas made a comment about my hair, Sheena responded with “Meg’s hair always looks nice.”
I talked to Sheena at midnight the night she died. I wanted to be the last person to call her for her birthday. She said she was having a bad day. I told her numerous times that I had hoped it would get better. I told her that her birthday package from me was on the way in the mail, I reminded her that she was not old (like she thought she was), and she said she cancelled her classes at the st
udio for Friday to just relax for herself. We exchanged I love yous and hung up.
Miss Sheena meant so much to me. she wasn’t just a teacher, but a friend. I talked to her on a weekly basis and told her everything that
was going on in my life. She was one of the nicest people I have ever known. She has a good heart and it will be surviving in a 35 year old man in New York. She gave everyone everything she could and she’s still doing that even after she died.
Meg Guerreiro

We all hope that in the end we can look back and know that we made a difference in someone’s life. Sheena made that difference with not one life, but with hundreds of thousands of lives. She opened her heart to share her amazing God-given talent with the world and through her passion was able to dazzle us, teach us, mentor us, comfort us, motivate us, challenge us, humor us and most of all…inspire us. We should take comfort in knowing that her inspiration will forever continue to make us better students, better teachers and better human beings. Sheena’s unique spirit will live on for eternity through all of us and the future generations we inspire. There is no better difference she could have made.
Miss Jenn

For Miss Sheena,
You will be dearly missed. You were a great, down to earth, fun teacher. You always made me feel special as a dancer. I will miss you a lot. May the angels watch over you.
Maria Stergionis
Miss Sheena its not fair
why did you have to do that dare
now we are all crying
because we know you were slowly dying
Miss Sheena now your gone
just like a young fawn
now we know not to dare
because we will always care

Miss Sheena you’ll always be in our hearts
With all the love in my heart
Julie Rehrig

Miss Sheena had this amazing way of applying every subject we talked about to a song especially during my solo. I was in class one time and randomly said “woah, my pants are falling down” and Miss Sheena of course had a song to go along with it and the song repeated “my pants are falling down” over and over again, ever since then we’ve been joking about it. She was a great friend, role model, inspiration, and teacher. She’ll be greatly missed.
Dana Palermo

Miss Sheena was a great and beautiful dancer. She was never angry and always positive. It’s so hard to see her go like this, knowing that there’s no more classes to see Miss Sheena teaching. She was a great inspiration to many girls. For the first time, this year Kaley Russin and I did a duet with Miss Sheena. It was a very fun experience that we were able to have with her. Now I know that I’m a better dancer because of Miss Sheena. I will always remember the good times we had together.
Mary Paige Nesfeder
A favorite memory I have, just happened a couple of weeks ago when our Ballet II costumes arrived. We all tried them on and we were dancing all around the studio. Miss Sheena said “O.K. it’s time to get started,” then she looked at how happy we were and then said that we could keep on dancing around because “she could remember what it was like to be our age.” Thanks for all the years of great dancing and great friendship.

“Pretty in Pink”
Tess Hamsher

I can’t believe that you’re really gone now.
Seems like it
s all just a dream.
How can it be that the world will go on
When something has died within me.
I’ll miss you.

 I can’t imagine my life with you.
You held a place all your own.

Just knowing you were beneath the same sky;
Oh what a joy I have known.
On rainy da
ys, in many ways
You’ll water my heart.
On stary nights I’ll glimpse the light
Of your smile.
Never far from my heart,

You’ll stay with me.
So I’ll wait.
But there will be a time
When I’ll see your face
And I’ll hear your voice
And there we will laugh again.
And there will come a day
When I’ll hold you close.
No more tears to cry
‘Cause we’ll have forever.
But I’ll say goodbye for now.
The Emmons Family

Miss Sheena was such an inspirational person, she was amazing, and she is my hero. I don’t think i would be where i am today with out her. She just made me happy to come to class because i knew she was there to talk to. So if i was having a bad day or there was something on my mind i could talk to her. I know she was so proud of me because Wednesday March 22, 2006 she told me she was. I have so many good memories with her i can’t even mention all of them. She was not only my dance teacher but my friend, my inspiration, and my sister. She was such a fun person to learn from, to assist classes with her, to listen to her crazy stories, to tell her crazy stories, and to basically share my passion with. She was my first lyrical teacher, my first duet teacher, and my first lyrical solo teacher. Earning all of the awards i have already for my solo this year, i know she would deny it and say that i worked for it, but its because of her. She taught me so much and i was in shock for a long time when i heard what happened because i could never ever think of it happening to such a strong person like miss sheena. She was so much apart of me and i know she will be forever. I will never forget her and i know she will always be watching over all of us. She is dancing up in the stars for us. I can’t even imagine going on with out her but i know she wants us all to stay strong and pull through, we will get through it together.<3
Kayleigh Kunkle

Miss Sheena,
You were many things Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Friend, Teacher, forever young, forever beautiful you will remain. No one who’s heart you touched will ever be the same, we will miss you and even in death you give love and life, your hearts still beating giving life to someone else. The heavens have a new Angel. So Sheena teach the other angels to dance as beautifully as you did. We will never forget you and forever you will live in our hearts till our time comes and we may once more dance, laugh, and play with you. Watch over us with those beautiful blue eyes and know that you are loved and although your time with us was to short, you fulfilled and lived more of a life than many others have, you brought laughter and joy to everyone you met. God bless your lovely soul. We love you!
Elaine & Kristin Roman

I thought Sheena looked so pretty in the picture of her and Katie. Katie was so excited to give her that shirt. We looked everywhere for something that was “hip and cool”. I remember that Katie would say she couldn’t do something and Sheena would always be like you just have to try it – you’ll get it. She always encouraged her to keep practicing and trying…….
Diane and Katie Winegar

My daughter Alex has been a student of Miss Sheena’s for only about 8 months. We recently moved to PA from NJ. It is never easy for children to adjust to moving out of state but Expression of Dance has made our transition a lot easier. My girls felt like a part of your dance family from day one. I think people who share a passion for dance form an instant bond. From her first class, Alex could not stop talking about how much she loved Miss Sheena. She would always go into her class smiling & come out of her class smiling. As a parent, I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know your children are at a place where they feel happy & safe. I know my daughter felt that way when she was with Miss Sheena. What Miss Sheena has taught Alex I know she will take with her for the rest of her life. Although she only knew her for a brief period of time – she has made a lasting impression. She will be remembered & missed.
Kim Robibero

Miss Sheena was truly a friend and teacher to both my daughters. Her gentle guidance and easy smile helped shape Kristen and Dana into the dancers they are today. Thank you, Sheena, for all the love and friendship you have given them. Thank you for the beautiful dances you choreographed for them through the years. Mostly, thank you for inspiring them and others to work hard to be their best. The very first solo you taught Dana was to a song called ‘You Were Loved.’ Sheena, you are in a much better place now, and I pray you know how much you were and are loved by all the people you touched in your short life.
Elaine Palermo

Not a day went by where there wasn’t a smile on your face! I can still hear you laughing. I didn’t know you as long as some of the other girls, but i know that in the time i knew you, you made the biggest impact on me and touched my life. I never had a big passion for ballet until i took your class, and now i love it. You shared such a close bond with use girls, and now your our guardian angel, i know your safe where you are now; and i know that no matter how much i cry, it will never bring you back. I just wish i could have told you how much of an inspiration you are to me, and how much i look up to you. You are an amazing dancer and i wish i could dance like you. Everytime i hear Dane Cook, i think of you… you were always imitating him…
Ballet will n
ever be the same without you,
Dance will never be the same without you,
I will never be th
e same without you.
We love you Miss Sheena.
Keep looking do
wn on us!
We’ll never forget you!!
Veronica Keselica
We will miss you Miss Sheena. Devon would like to say that she thinks you’re a phenomenal dancer and is so sad she won’t be in one of your classes. She was looking forward to learning from you. Rowan says that she can’t remember ever seeing you without a smile on your face. Plus she keeps picturing your jacket held together by a safety-pin…. she liked that. We so wish you were still with us here but we know you’re dancing in heaven now.
Sally, Mark, Rowa
n and Devon Walker

It is so hard to put into words how Miss Sheena has touched the lives of so many. Briana has been at the studio for 9 years and in that time she has grown to love Miss Sheena like part of her own family. She was a terrific role model and friend. She was a beautiful dancer and changed the way that I look at ballet. She had a smile that I will never forget. She was so beautiful to watch dance. We would bring her Bit-O-Honey candy and she would get this great big smile (we all know how much she loved food)! I wish I could understand why GOD would take someone like Miss Sheena that had so much to offer away from us so young. I am forever grateful that I came to know and love Miss Sheena. She will be forever in my heart!!!!

Tammy Zerfass

Miss Sheena, you were
the best teacher ever and didn’t deserve this. I always loved the loving , funny, caring person you were. Even when you were upset or frustrated about something you would always dance your heart out and give the best you had. Times with you were the best and I always looked forward to my class with you. They always had laughs with great memories, like hiding in the cabinet and all the things you said to make us laugh. Remembering the last day I saw and talked you made me wish that I gave you a hug not knowing that I wouldn’t see you again. When recital time comes I will be dancing my heart out just like you always did and I will never forget you. When I do that dance it just makes me feel like you are right there with me, showing me how to do it. But now I play the song and dance to it until I feel I have it the right way, the way you did it. You truly were a role model to me, and my hero. It is going to be hard without you but you will always be in my heart.
Kelly M

Miss Sheena wa
s a vital, fun-loving, talented young women who touched many people, both young and old. She will be greatly missed.
Sara Hall

I met Miss Sheena
last yr. in September. I may not have known her that long…but i knew from the min i saw her…she waz amazing. A Greeat Dancer; An Awesome Person; A Beautiful Woman; A CRAZII Girl. Thats what Sheena meant 2 the family of XprEsSiOnZz. She was 1 of the many prized possesionz we had. She will b missed dearly by ALL of us. She will never b forgotten…ALWAYZ…she will be *DANCIN* in our HeArTzZ. I will never 4get coming 2 your jazz class and listening 2 your CRAZII storiez ((lol)) they were so great and I’m gonna miss that so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 much! No worries…evry1 will keep dancin 4 ya @ XprEsSiOnZz bcuz we ALL LUV U DEEPLY. Rest In Peace Babii Girl n watch over us. I LUV U!!!! <33…
Lindsay Noe
l Harewood
sometimes they take people, and they don’t say why,
sometimes peopl
e leave and never say goodbye,
sometimes t
here are no second chances to say i love you,
sometimes there are n
o next times,
sometimes you lose someone and you feel like
your heart has followed them to heaven,
imes there is just nothing you can do to make the tears stop.
ahh miss sheena. its gonna be so hard without you there at the studio and without knowing your there cheering us on. but we will know you are cheering us on in heaven. you have inspired each and every one of us at EOD to be a better dancer and person, and thats what we all have become and everytime i dance, i dedicate it to you. i remembered the time you taught tap to only me that one snow day. you were always so beautiful and everyone remembers you in their hearts and wont ever forget you.. i know god got his perfect angel back. i still cant except the fact your gone, now i know why my song for the first time you were my teacher was “dontcryforme” and i know you’ll be smiling and dancing in the stars and watching us and believing in us and making us dance to our best and i know you want us to live life to the fullest. Also, i know if you were here you wouldnt want us to cry, but its just too hard to not …..<3 RestInPeace Miss Sheena
Adrianna Amodei
For those of you who don’t know, last year, my senior year, I had surgery and shortly thereafter I got mono. I was so sick and didn’t think I could finish the year dancing but Miss Sheena made me believe I could do it. She taught my solo and she would not let me give up. Every time I could make it to class she pushed me to be the best dancer I could be. I wound up competing, even though the doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to. But not only did I compete; I succeeded, all thanks to her. For my senior solo at the recital last year I danced it for her—even though I never told her—because without her I wouldn’t have been able to get on that stage. Now I wish I would have told her but I know she’s reading this. There are so many memories of her complete craziness and humor that I will always hold close to my heart. I am currently in Volé, the ballet company at Penn State and from now on every step I take, it is for Sheena, and Sheena alone.
Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so love the people who treat you
right and forget the ones that don’t and that everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said that it’d be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.
Sheena, this is on
ly a quote but your life gave it meaning. You have lived one of the shortest, yet most worthwhile, lives out of anyone I have ever, and will ever meet. It just isn’t right that this had to happen and at first I said I’d never dance another step in my life. But I know that’s not what you would want for me, especially after all the encouragement you gave me to get through my senior year. So I am dedicating the rest of my life, especially the rest of my dancing career, to you. You were an inspiration to all of us and just because I can’t hear your giggle and see your huge blue eyes and beautiful smile doesn’t mean you can’t still be pushing me to be the best person that I can be. I know you’re up in heaven now and I know that we will meet again. Until then, I will love you and miss you every second of my life. You’ve danced your heart out down here, now it’s your chance to dance among the angels. And if I know you as well as I think I do, I’m sure you will show them all up. I will forever love you.
Niki Hannigan

Dear Miss Sheena,
I will miss you, and dancing with you. I loved everything you taught me with my solo. We had a lot of fun times. I will always remember to get a deep plie on my prep before turning. I’ll never forget our ride to Myrtle Beach and how we did plies under water. Also, how we kept going back and forth from hot tub to pool over and over again. You will always be with in my heart when I dance. God must have wanted a really good dancer in heaven. I know you are dancing there now. I’ll always LOVE you.
Marissa Kvacky
so many hearts broken
so many h
eads hurt
so many fa
ces drawn
and so many tears run…
because of the way you rolled your gauchos
or was it how you were always talking about a boy
you always had a story
to share and your heart was filled with so much joy
you were
looked up to by many and made everyone smile
you hard
ly wore your shoes and kept your cds a mess for awhile
your bones always cracked and your eyes always glimmered
but now everyone is simmer…
so many hearts broken
so many heads hurt

so many faces drawn
and so many tears run…

you just went out to have some fun
but now all that joy is gone
you skidded and crashed
because of one night of fun
all of you is now gone…
Taylor Rizzolino
There are lessons to be learned from this. Not just the drinking and driving because our children hear this message from many sources and in many ways. But to me there is another important message. None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. So take advantage of every opportunity you get to tell and show the ones you hold dear that you love them. You may never get the chance to make-up for that missed opportunity.
Sheena was dear to many of us, students, parents, teachers. I believe we should celebrate her life.
le Ritter
We only had the pleasure of having you in our lives for six years. In those six years, we all grew to love you more than you could possibly know. You truly were an angel who was sent to bless us and shape our lives. Thank you for being a part of our lives and for teaching us what an
impact one person can have on another. When we think of you, we will always see your smiling face. Now, we have an angel watching over us! We love you, and we miss you, but we will never forget you.
Maria Eustice

I can still hear your laughter in the walls
I remember when you brought in your rubber band ball
It was your 25th birthday
that Friday we had to pra
I had some weird feeli
ng you would be strong
but god needed you and you said so long
each day I look up and say
why does it have to be this way
you’ll teach the angels how to dance for their fans
and show them how to be the partyman
this here moment I feel dazed and confused
but one day I’ll be dancing there with you
<33 meagan janscak

Miss Sheena
You are a beautiful angel now that will always be in my heart when I dance. I will never forget you and “Don’t Cry For Me”, “Ill Be There” and “Will You Be There” and especially “Blackbird”. I can’t imagine dance without you it hurts my heart so bad. Remember the times me and Marissa drove you nutz in duet class but we all had so much fun.
Always and forever,
Carly DeAngelo
I would like to thank Sheena’s family and God for sharing her with us even though it was for such a very short time. She is an inspirational, sweet, talented, funny young teacher, friend, and mentor and always will be. I am so thankful we had to opportunity to know her and dance with her. I remember Carly’s first lyrical class when coming to EOD, she had Miss Sheena. Carly had been dancing for 5 years before coming to Miss Tanya’s and the choreography and teaching talent by Miss Sheena to “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” truely was apparent because after 5 years of watching my child dance, it was the VERY FIRST time I saw her dance with “expression” and like it “meant” something to her; like she “felt” what it meant to her. I also remember when we asked her to teach and choreograph our lyrical trio. She was so excited! Little did she know how honored and excited we were that she said yes!! Miss Sheena brought out the best in her students, friends, coworkers, and the parents at the studio. She will always be with us…
Laurie DeAngelo

Miss Sheena, Miss Sheena,
You always made class so much fun,
You were the brightness of the sun.
I love
d the way you wore your pants,
Almost every time that you would dance.
Everyone knew that you loved to eat,
People even brought you food.
You rarely ever wore your dance shoes on your feet,
Instead you would wear your leg warmers and socks.
I remember how you never kept your cd’s neat,
They were in a pile in your bag and very often would they skip.
I miss you so much, but I believe,
That there was a reason for you to leave.
I understand that everything happens for a reasons, just why?
This is a time that is really, really, really hard,

I wish that I had a chance to give you a birthday card.
When I sit and get sad,
I think about what you would want.
You were always out having fun and you would want me to be too.
If you new how much I just stay alone to cry and be sad,
You would maybe even be a little mad.
You would want me to stay busy, I know it!
Just having you in my life at all makes me glad,
I try to remember all the happy times that we had.
I just wish that time together could have been longer and you didn’t have to go so soon.
You were like an older sister that I never had and changed my life so much with the encouraging words and helpful hints you would say.
I don’t know why life has to be so hard,
But I do know that know matter what you will always be in my heart.
Miss Sheena, Miss Sheena!
Taylor Mesarak

It is so hard to put into words what Sheena means to me. I have met many people in my life, but never have I met someone like her who has made this much of an impact on my life. I will never forget her beautiful smile that brightened everyone’s day the moment she walked into the room. Sheena always had stories to tell, and we usually had some good ones for her too. I remember taking this picture the last day of the recital and Sheena said that she had to keep her sunglasses on because she was going to cry. She was there for us that recital weekend for the quick changes we needed to make to our dances and the extra hugs telling me that it was going to be okay. She was always there for us no matter what and I could never thank her enough for that. We are all so lucky that we got to know and love her because without her, we would not be the people we are today. She has touched my life forever and she will always hold a special place in my heart. I love you Sheena!
Meghan Kohler
Dear Miss Sheena,
You are the BEST!!!  We loved you since we first met you 5 years ago.  When Brooke had you in 1st grade.  Her and her friends performed in a talent show at their school.  We invited you to come.  You came!  …It meant so much to them.  Thank you for caring and taking the time to make them feel so important.  My daughter looked up to you so much… assimilated with you…  Always watched who you were, what you said, even what you wore!  She admired you.  Thank you for sharing so very openly with her.  You have touched our lives.  You were always so open and approachable.  …Your smile so welcoming.  I never felt uncomfortable about talking with you.  Your grace so evident in how you carried yourself.  …Your poise so beautiful and when
you danced–how breathtaking…  This year our schedule was molded around you and the opportunity to be instructed by you.  You shared more than dance with my daughter.  She will forever be touched by your presence in her life.  This is hard to think of continuing on with the classes that we chose without you there.  Thank for you offering the Expression girls their 1st year of Lyrical.  You believed in them.  You showed them how to feel and show the “EXPRESSION” in their dance.  …And now they will dance with expression for you.  You will forever be in our hearts.  We were touched by you.   We are so blessed to have had you in our lives.   God Bless You Miss Sheena Marie.   You will forever dance in our hearts.
Bridgette & Brooke Alexa Gabany

To me, Miss Sheena stood for everything that I love about dance. She was a passionate performer, a great teacher who inspired and made people want to learn and get better, an amazingly creative choreographer, and a friend who was willing to be silly and goofy and just have a great time. I still have the card and the tiara that she gave me when I graduated and did my senior solo four years ago. Sheena was the first teacher who taught me how to tap, the creative genius behind Bombs Over Baghdad (one of my favorite dances), and the one who told me I would definitely make the Penn State Dance team, and if I didn’t, she’d come up there with me and beat up all the girls who did. She always welcomed me back every summer for our classes when we’d dance and tell stories and goof around. I know that she will be missed so much, but I also know that she will live on in all of us, and her passion for dance and life that she shared so easily with everyone that met her will always influence my life. I feel blessed to have known her and learned from her and danced with her.
Sheena, I love you and I will miss you.
Miss Kaitlyn

Dance was something hard for me, and it was something that I felt I could never be good at, or even decent. Night and day, I practiced vigorously, in hopes of becoming a good dancer someday. For 2 years, I had grown a bit as a dancer, but not as much as I wanted to. The next year, Miss Sheena had stepped into my life, to fill it with knowledge, inspiration, and even friendship. The day I stepped in her classroom, I wasn’t aware at all that this amazing woman would be my teacher for the next 5 years, and would helpt me achieve the goals I doubt I would have achieved in a lifetime. Miss Sheena was a   remarkable person that touched lives immensely, including my own. She was an exceptional dancer who taught her students to become beautiful dancers like herself. Whenever I stepped into her classroom, she always had a smile on her face, and she was always laughing and passing happiness all around the studio. No matter the skill level of the student, she always gave them attention and constructive criticism that would help them grow as a dancer. She taught me ballet in lyrical, and I have grown most in dance when she was my teacher. Miss Sheena has been our inspiration, friend, companion, and teacher. She will always remain inour hearts. Miss Sheena, whenever I dance, I’ll always be dancing for you.
Preethi Manohar