Competition Teams


Special Awards- Felicity & Sarah- “Perfect Pair”, Rory- “Broadway Bound”, Ryleigh- “Pure Presence”, Sammy- “Stunningly Sharp”, Encore Lyrical- “Breath of Fresh Air”, Allegro- “Superb Staging”, Impressions Jazz- “Lovely Lines”

3rdplace Recreational 8 & under Small Groups- Mini Hip Hop
2ndplace 9-11 Solos- Rory
3rdplace 9-11 Duet/Trios- Felicity & Sarah
2ndplace 9-11 Duet/Trios- Rory & Summer
9thplace 9-11 Large Groups- Encore Jazz
1stplace 9-11 Large Groups- Encore Lyrical
10thplace 9-11 Small Groups- Mini Twisters
17thplace 12-14 Solos- Caroline
15thplace 12-14 Solos- Macy
14thplace 12-14 Solos- Lexie
3rdplace 12-14 Solos- Kiera
10thplace 12-14 Duet/Trios- Emma & Macy
5thplace 12-14 Duet/Trios- Lexie & Morgen
9thplace 12-14 Small Groups- Dynamite
6thplace 12-14 Small Groups- Twisters
14thplace 15-19 Solos- Ian
10thplace 15-19 Solos- Sammy
8thplace 15-19 Solos- Trevor
6thplace 15-19 Large Groups- Impulse Jazz
3rdplace 15-19 Large Groups- Impulse Lyrical
2ndplace 15-19 Large Groups- Allegro
7thplace 15-19 Small Groups- Impressions Lyrical
6thplace 15-19 Small Groups- Pure Energy
2ndplace 12-14 Line/Production- Production

Scholarships- Morgen- Broadway Dance Center Scholarship & Trevor- Good Shepherd Senior Scholarship

Highest Scoring 11 & under Group/Line/Production- Encore Lyrical 

True Style Awards- Encore Jazz, Impulse Jazz, Mini Hip Hop

True Entertainment Award- Production

EOD- Outstanding Technique



The Expression of Dance Competition Team is open to students ages 7 years and older.  As a Competition Dancer you have the opportunity to experience rehearsals and performances at a more professional level. It is important that your conduct and attitude during classes and rehearsals be positive and respectful. This would also be expected in your relationship with fellow dancers as well as the teachers and choreographers you work with at the studio or any dance setting.  As a Competition Dancer, you represent Expression of Dance and set an example for the rest of our studio dancers.

Competition Students must be enrolled in, and actively attending, a Ballet and a Technique Class (for the entire school year) at Expression of Dance.

Four absences from your team, technique and/or ballet class will result in removal from the competition team.


The rehearsal/choreography sessions will involve a minimum of 5 weeks for each dance.  Attendance at all rehearsals is required and expected of all the teammates. If you miss a choreography rehearsal you will be dismissed from the team.

Contact Miss Tanya today if you are interested in joining one of our competition teams.