2018 Private Lesson sign up date/time: TBD


  • Solo- $20.00 per half hour

  • Duet- $15.00/each student per half hour

*A Private Lesson Contract is required for all private lessons.

To secure a private lesson spot with a teacher, please contact the teacher before the season comes to an end to see if they have the availability to take you for the following season or they can recommend another teacher who may be able to. Once you are confirmed with a teacher, you will be added to our Private Lesson List and will be contacted as to when Private Lesson sign ups will be held.

To schedule a private lesson throughout the season, please contact the studio office for availability.

*Summer Private Lessons- Please contact the teacher you would like to have your lesson with, and sign ups for Summer Privates will begin once the Summer Schedule is posted. Contact the office to schedule a lesson.