Recital Line Up & Picture Week

• Students are to arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled picture time, already dressed in full costume, recital tights, exact hair, makeup completely done and proper shoes (put them on at the studio).

• Please arrive ready to go. Please be prompt! We must stay on schedule and we do not want your son/daughter to miss out on their pictures! 

Teachers will call their class to form a line outside of Studio 3 and we will start with individual pictures, then the class will move into Studio 2 for their group photo. While the teacher poses each student, all parents are to wait outside or in the waiting area during this time.

• Once the group photo is done, the class will move in to Studio 1, and parents will be asked to come in for their dress rehearsal. The teacher will go over anything that needs to be addressed, then the class will run their routine a few times and will be dismissed.

• Picture proofs will be emailed to you directly and you will purchase your photos directly with Christmas City Studio. If you have any questions with your photos contact CCS 610-691-2109

Email sent on 5/6 Important Reminders for Picture Week/Dress Rehearsal

Any student that wants to wear a mask for the recital performances, we ask that is it is clear so we can see your face and SMILE!!