Parent Observation Weeks

The month of December we assign scheduled weeks for each class/teacher to share the last 15-20 minutes of their class. Once the schedule is released SAVE THE DATE and add this special observation day/time to your calendar. Please note: Students will have a full class at their regular class day/time regardless if it is their week for visitation.

Some classes will be held in a different studio room for observation and this is listed on the schedule below. Find your child’s class and make note of day/time and studio room/entrance so you know where you are going when you arrive.

Here are some guidelines and tips from our staff to help make this Parent Observation Week a positive experience for you and your dancer/gymnast.

  • Most classes will hold their observatation during the last 10-15 minutes of class.
  • Some classes may hold their observation in a different classroom, in order to allow for more viewing space. See the schedule and note the room your child’s class is held in for your assigned POW.
  • Arrive early and expect more traffic throughout the parking lot for the month of December. Some of our classes are at capacity, and it will be busy with a full lobby!  Planning a few extra minutes to get parked and ready for class is a great idea. 
  • Talk to your child about their upcoming visitation!  Let them know you’ll be coming in (along with the other children’s parents) to see their class and watch them dance/tumble.  Ask them what parts of dance class they love the most – what their favorite move is?  Let your child know that you can’t wait to see what she/he has learned so far this season.
  • To keep our classes close to normal, we ask that parent/sibling observers stand quietly and watch.  Adults walking in and out of the studio or talking to each other or on the phone is really distracting, not only for the students but the teacher too. Thank you for your help in demonstrating to your child what a great class member and audience member looks like. If you must have a conversation or take a phone call, please step out of the room and try to limit any entrances and exits during your observation. 
  • If you aren’t able to observe your scheduled observation day, we will invite you in sometime between January-March when their recital costume arrives.
  • The EOD teachers are excited about their assigned POW week and look forward to having you in to watch your favorite dancer/gymnast. We encourage you to take photos or video to capture this important milestone for your dancer. As a courtesy, please turn off or silence all screens and devices not being used to record.

One final note:  Dancers are often nervous to show their presentation, so please expect some jitters! Some dancers may freeze up, others will be shy, and occasionally we even see tears.  All of those things are normal, and all of our teachers are experienced with guiding the dancers through their emotions or comforting them if needed.  Remember that your dancer is growing her/his independence and will benefit from this experience, whether or not the dancing/tumbling was exactly right.

Please let us know if you have ANY questions in advance of Parent Observation Week.  Thank you for supporting your daughter/son and our programs!

-Miss Tanya