Dress Rehearsal

2021 Dress Rehearsal Dates – Dates TBA


  • ***Please note, some class levels have more than one class/day/time, so please make sure you are looking at the correct class so you do not miss their rehearsal day.

    • Example: There are two Pre-School I classes on Tuesdays, however they are with different teachers, and therefore will have a different costume and be doing a different recital routine.

  • The rehearsal will run in the order of the recital show line up.

    • Rehearsal will run from approximately 11:30am/12:30pm until 8:30pm/9:00pm each day.

    • Dress Rehearsal is an all day event, however not for the students. Students will only need to be at dress rehearsal for approximately 45minutes-1 hr per class that they are in.

    • In May you will receive a schedule of times for these days.

  • All students are to come to the rehearsal in their FULL COSTUME. This includes proper hair, makeup, tights, shoes, and any accessories that are part of the costume. *Students will receive instructions what they need in March.

  • FOR DRESS REHEARSAL & ALL RECITAL SHOWS ~ Students must be completely covered (including hair pieces) with a costume cover up upon entering and exiting the high school- NO EXCEPTIONS, YOUR CHILD WILL BE ASKED TO COVER UP IF THEY ARE NOT. The only time your costume is to be seen in onstage and in the dressing room. If you do not want to cover your costume, please use the dressing room to put their costume on, and bring a change of clothes for when you are coming/leaving.

  • Do not wear dance or acro shoes outside. Please clean up your shoes before the shows.