Costume Notes, Tights, Make up & More

All competition students must have their required tights and earrings to wear with their costume. A size chart is listed below, to help you with tight sizing.

Tights & Earrings will be distributed to the students as soon as they arrive.

*Please note the Revolution brand tights can only be purchased at Expression of Dance.

Once you receive your tights and earrings, please place them with your costume and do not wear them until it is time.

Competition Required Shoes, Tights, Accessories, Make Up, & Hair Notes

Please read through each page as it is broken down in sections of all that is required from each team/student.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to order everything you need NOW.

  • Shoes must be purchased asap & will need to be worn to class by the end of November.
  • Tights & Earrings are to be ordered through EOD – a link to place your order is listed on the top of that specific page.
  • Exact Make up colors that are required are broken down & listed. We need everyone to match.
  • The How to Page lists how to apply the make up, the specific hairstyle for this season & a list of important do’s and don’ts.

NEW — Go to your parent portal and under resources you will see the team’s costume for this competition season! We hope this new way of viewing the costume will be easy and a nice quick reference for you. 

*Any “additional costume notes” will be posted in your parent portal under resources and will also be emailed to you from the teacher. It would be best to print out any “additional costume notes” emails, so you have all of that important/updated information (alterations, misc items to wear or purchase, how a headpiece is to be worn, etc).

After reading through each section of the flyer, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to Miss Meghan or myself.

Don’t forget you can always refer to our website and click on one of the competition tabs for any information you may need to review.

Click here to download the Competition Requirements for make up, shoes, tights and accessories: Season-28-Competition-Make-up-Hair-Shoes-and-Accessories


(See Tight Size Chart below to help you before placing your order)


Revolution Tight Size Chart

Body Wrappers Tight Size Chart

Capezio Tight Size Chart