Competition Fundraisers ~ Expressive Parents Organization

All competition fundraisers are through the Expressive Parents Organization. The EPO guidelines and request forms are listed below. For any fundraiser questions, you will contact the chairperson. Any questions regarding the funds in your EPO account, you contact Danielle or Steph. Happy Selling!!

*In order to participate in any fundraiser, you must be available for the exact pick up day & time*

Wawa Hoagies Coupons are sold out! Thank you for participating!!

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & Coffee!
February 27 – March 15
Pick-up: Wednesday, March 22nd in EOD lobby 5:30 – 6:30pm

Remember to submit your order on time & only once! *Payment is due when you place your order*
Place your order here:

FUNDRAISERS COMING TO YOU SOON…Palmer Nursery Buck Sales – A non-expiring $10 voucher that can be used on any product sold at the nursery!

Expressive Parent Organization Requests

Requesting Money from your Account: All requests for funds from your EPO account will be made via email. Please email to request your funds from your account. Please submit all requests 2 weeks prior to its due date. Please include student’s name, the amount to be withdrawn and tell what the funds should be used for. Funds that you have in your account from fundraising may be used for any fees related to competitive dance or gymnastics at EOD. Any unused EPO funds, except for graduating seniors, will be held for one year. If you are not registered for classes by the following September your funds will be forfeited.

EPO President & Secretary:

  • Danielle for information regarding your account balance and fund requests. Contact information: (cell) 813-500-2169 or
  • Stephanie to coordinate payment for fundraisers if you are a chairperson, organizing a fundraiser. Contact information: (cell) 484-239-8597 or


EPO Chairperson Credit Slip